Reduce Plant Watering & Dry Spots, Make Super Growing Potting Soil – Learn How

One of the most difficult gardening tasks is managing the water your plants receive. You can easily and cheaply provide the “perfect” mix of soil and water to your plants by taking advantage of diapers amazing absorbency hidden in water absorbing gels.

Filling a diaper with water to its capacity and mixing with fresh soil produces one of the best potting mixes available, full of water and oxygen and nutrients, everything a healthy plant needs.

Diapers are known for the obvious. However, they can be useful for the lazy or forgetful gardener, but also to help create “super soil.”

  • Diapers, in addition to keeping babies tidy, can be used to help hydrate houseplants
  • If a gardener forgets to water the plants one day, the diapers should be able to keep the plants moist.

Diapers, whether new or slightly used, can help keep soil moist. The diaper needs to be opened in order for the plants to harness the usefulness of the crystals.

Use ordinary Diapers to produce an extraordinary gardening gel, that is:

  • Non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Help reduce watering schedule

As an alternative, if babies are not present in the house, hydra crystals (amazon) can be purchased as a replacement for diapers. Although a trip to the dollar store could be a better value!

Learn more about using the super-absorbent power of diapers with plants in the video below:

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