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7 Concrete Projects To Transform Your Garden

Concrete garden projects is not only durable but offer lots of options. Finishing a garden bed usings precast concrete molds to create an edging, of course all the things done with concrete blocks and much more.We visited a bunch of sites for things you can make for the garden with concrete and picked 7 projects (really more) for you to check out for ideas.
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How To Grow A Pineapple From A Top

Pineapples cannot only be found in the store, they can also be found in your garden… if you grow them.These sweet tasting plants from the bromeliad family can be grown from the top of another plant.This excellent tutorial from will walk you through the steps of how to grow a pineapple top indoors.
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DIY Stepping Stone With Secret Key Hider

If you ever locked yourself out of the house you know just how frustrating it is. Of course it always happens at the worst possible time.We’ve shared post before on making stepping stones.But Sarah, over at Sadie Seasongoods came up with a great idea. She combined some DIY with some fun mosaic to create a garden stepping stone with a secret place to hide a key.
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The Best Planting Tip I Never Shared!

Thomas Rainer is a landscape architect by profession and claims to be a gardener by obsession.Thomas shared a great gardening tip he picked up that I’ve used for years but honestly never think about sharing.This tip is SO SIMPLE: It is soaking root bound plants before planting. Very simple, but very important.
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