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9 Best Summer Flowers

When the heat of summer hits and everything seems to droop a bit, it’s nice to some color backup.Summer flowers are few during the months for bloom and few plants can handle the heat. With the hot summer days just a few months away, it’s time to start analyzing the things to plant for the upcoming hot season.
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Acid Soil: How To Make Soil More Acidic

Do you know that?… Acid soil determined with a soil test, exhibit differences in texture (or physical condition) and in fertility than neutral or alkaline soil.The degree of acidity or alkalinity has an important bearing on the health of many plants.Acids and alkalis are opposite and if mixed together tend to neutralize each other A combination may be neither acid nor alkaline, but neutral.
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10 Beautiful Hibiscus To WOW Your Patio

Image: Simple Pleasures – Hidden Valley HibiscusThe hibiscus… Over the past few decades the hibiscus has become a popular spring plant and a perfect addition to a patio. Most are familiar with the red or pink varieties – but the hibiscus color landscape is changing.To broaden your hibiscus horizons we present 10 beautiful hibiscus to check out.
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Create A Nautical Landscape Theme With A Canoe Pond

It’s always best to landscape with a plan. That is the 1 way to get the curb appeal you’re looking for.Have you ever considered creating a nautical theme for a landscape design? This idea could be a perfect start. Take a canoe and convert it into a pond. It makes a perfect addition to the deck.Grow water lilies, make it a koi pond or just an interesting water feature.
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Caring For Obedient Plants: Growing Physostegia Virginiana

Botanically known as Physostegia virginiana fizz-oh-STEE-jee-uh, vur-jin-ee-AY-nuh , the obedient plant is a popular species in Lamiaceae – the mint family along with Lamb’s Ear and Cat Whiskers plants.These are native plants to North America, where it is scattered from Eastern Canada to Northern Mexico.
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Fire Pit With No Smoke, Odor or Ashes And Style

Fire pits have grown in popularity of the last few years. There’s something comforting and enjoyable about snuggling up in front of a fireplace or fire pit… all year round. But who wants to deal with the smoke, odor and ashes?There are alternatives – Fire Glass! No smoke, no ash, it’s odorless and special glass crystals give off no toxic deposit.
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